Do the dead know what we are doing?


10 degrees plus wind


Silent Universe :: Immensity (Cryo Chamber)

V/A :: Mercury Mission Diaries (Cryo Chamber)

Caldon Glover :: Ùir (Cryo Chamber)

Council of Nine :: The People’s Temple (Cryo Chamber)



Void Stasis :: Viral Incubation (Cryo Chamber)

V/A :: Tomb of Primordials (Cryo Chamber)

Absorbed in the creative act


crossing the Bridge of Sighs

A moral obligation to mitigate the pain of others nearby

One year ago

Waiting for Jonah

more about the shadow memory

67 Begins

The enamored shadow

Equinox Memories

Six Whisks

Never waiting and waiting

if there is a quiz I am dead


where to live?

developing my explanation

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