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Meditation in Green

The frogs are watching us right now. Remain calm.

Meditation in Green

Press Release



Don’t forget never

Untitled summer night


Hiroshima Day 1945

The short interview project

Recently I had a new idea, creating a series of short interviews with my friends,  many are musicians. I have no clear plan for what to do with these interviews besides posting them somewhere special and seeing how the project develops.

Here are my first few interviews:

Forrest Fang

Kelly David

Music Therapy: a survey of approaches

One idea is to connect music therapy to specific musicians and examine how they benefited from this healing philosophy.

Here is my first treatment, gathering the facts.

This is an ongoing project.


Drifting to Salish

mount fear

New Sidewalk Dreams

Pictures to tell a story

Alexis will outlive her creators by ten thousand years

‘Tien muziekmomenten’ van Cor Gout

I do not speak or read Dutch, so I wonder what the other interviews were about! I know what mine was, my ten music moments are: Roy Rogers, Spike Jones and Carl Stalling (together as one subject), Jimi Hendrix, Edgard Varese, Yoko Ono, Sun Ra, John Oswald, Daniel Johnston, Sue Ann Harkey and Die Antwoord

Here is Cor Gout: his music art and his bio.


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