I had the opportunity to “house sit” in the Old Town neighborhood of Columbus. When I agreed to accept this responsibility I had no idea that there had been a suicide in the place. That is basically why the house was for sale.

Halloween was freezing and the spring was so slow.  I had been instructed to protect the old house and that the neighborhood was dangerous. There were repeated attempts to gain entry downstairs, banging on the door at all hours. One Friday night a murder took place next door, a kid in a fit of jealous rage somehow got hold of a handgun, and while he was overcome by his teenage emotions he unloaded that gun into his ex-girlfriend and a few other unlucky kids who were standing nearby. It sounded like firecrackers. The only real difference between the sound of firecrackers and gunshots are the screaming and sirens afterwards. For hours the night was torn by flashing red lights and even some helicopters with searchlights, and then ambulances.

These recordings were made during that winter.


1        Sounding
2        Rail Blues
3        Evil Foundling
4        Hyan
5        Foundless
6        Primitive Foundry
7        Run Find
8        Haunted House Society
9        Zury