Electronic audio folk arts of the 1980s.

The Cassette Mythos is an anthology on homemade cassette culture, curated by Robin James, published in book form in 1992 by Autonomedia. Contributors include Eugene Chadbourne, John Trubee, Amy Denio, John Oswald, Chris Cutler, and many more people who were actually involved in the making of cassettes at the time. Accompanying the release of the book was a CD Audio Alchemy: The Cassette Mythos Compilation, which (in the words of Robin James) “started off as a comprehensive, democratic, and historical survey of the international cassette swapping underground scene, but wound up being what it is, twenty-one innovative sonic-arts geniuses that could be your neighbors”. Is the hype justified? I’d say yes, but listen and read for yourself.

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This last link has nothing to do with Cassette Mythos except that its about cassettes of old.

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