Why do certain images belong together as a collection?

Over the years I have been considering the dynamics of collections of images.

In 1980, with my partner LMT, we created a series of collections of images we called IMAGINATION DECKS.

This particular collection, depicted here, we called a Story Deck.  I had an idea for making up stories using elements that can be arranged variously. This idea was further developed by LMT to create prompts for improvising narrative adventures. The basic concept is that these images can be assembled or sequenced in various ways, and can inspire different people in different ways. We also included them in some of our performance art, our ensemble was called The Theatre of Transformations and we were active from 1979 through 1984.

We tried to market the picture decks as “games” and proceeded to develop “rules” for playing these games. That turned out to be less productive.

Today I am still interested in collections of small images that naturally assemble themselves. The core idea is a love of pictures and considering what might draw them together into groups. Each image is a unique unit of meaning. What belongs together and what is an incidental or accidental juxtaposition? How does that combination create or alter the image’s meanings? These are the questions that interest me.