The concept behind this growing anthology is the necessity of escaping a dying Earth, and I don’t need to tell you, we just all know why. The problem is that the journey to the identified new place for humanity to go to requires a voyage of more than one lifetime. Those that board the vessel will never see this new place, and those that arrive will have never experienced gravity. There is no guarantee that the eventual passengers on this Exodus will be grateful for their predicament. They will figure out what to do, no doubt, but they had no choice in this big decision.

My original title was Elysian Mythos, thinking of the Roman story of a sort of heaven, with the nice warm breezy fields and the general absence of war after death. Then I realized that the poor tired old word Elysian has gotten lots of use already, so until I think of a new Mythos, this modified title will have to do. I am going to hang on to the cover illustration until things are resolved.

First, from the perspective of the destination, things fall from the sky and life is never the same again.

Our Cenotaph

Then, from the voyage itself.


Preparing to head out, what happened to bring this about?


Why bother!

Reasons To Stay At Home