In 1980 with my partner, LMT, I was interested in developing a series of collections of small images. We were inspired by a project being developed in Corvallis, Oregon called The Glass Plate Game. The Glass Plate Game was all about getting groups of players to explain their perspectives, this is a valuable and rich area of human behavior which I feel can lead to hopeful new directions in thinking and sharing. I had been promoting the Glass Plate Game in Olympia, Washington and was inspired to try some new ideas out. So with the blessing from our friends in Corvallis, I launched my own concept, IMAGINATION DECKS. With my partner we developed the image collections, had them printed, took them around to see how they might fare, and kept dreaming of new possibilities.


Story Deck “A Found Story”

Poetry Deck “The Heart Escapes”

Mosaic Puzzle Deck “Points, Lines and Space”

People Deck, this is a collection of characters from a village, prompting discussions of vocations and mutual interactions.

Collector Deck “Leaf shapes of the Pacific Northwest”

The themed collection concept is the most inclusive. These elements could be drawn together by shape, content, color, location, etc.

To make a set of six I included a blank deck with encouragement for creating your own projects.

Recently the new technologies have brought new forms and possibilities. Printing on paper is a luxury, the future awaits.