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Phinuit and Subrobo

Because Ello keeps insisting that I join, and I tend to use different browsers, I have a growing collection of Ello presences, just to keep those individual browsers free of the recruiting messages that Ello pushes. I usually just ignore Ello solicitations, but lately they have started to annoy me, so I made it work for me.

The most recent one is all visual art:

This next one is for more original text projects, not the experimental pirate stuff, these stories are the old-fashioned sit-down-and-write story items. From back when I was trying to find my inner author. Phinuit is a name I found in some spiritualist literature, the name of a spirit. I first used that name in one of my first werewolf stories, and it has appeared in other projects since then.

And then there were three, I just now added this one, a whimmer. Loose items that did not fit otherwhere.

The fourth: this was an experiment in defining content issues with Ello regarding content that includes advertisements or any promotions. Each and every one of these are direct reproductions of a press release, the purity of the promotional intention could not be more perfect.

The Mental Health Association of Portland

Here are the four enduring projects of the Mental Health Association of Portland:

Law & Mental Health Conference
The 2021 Law & Mental Health Conference was July 19 & 20 – on the Impact of Alcohol on State and Local Governments


Public Housing Conference: COVID 19 and Homelessness
The Public Housing Conference was virtual and online during the month of December 2020, tightly focused on Homelessness and COVID with five municipal case studies – Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland, Los Angeles. The Conference in 2020 included four municipal case studies on COVID 19 and Homelessness within the Ninth Circuit Court. Municipalities studied were Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Portland. Each city is within the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling Martin v. Boise. The audience for the 2020 Oregon Housing Conference are national, knowledgeable, and keenly interested in what’s going right with COVID 19 – and what went wrong. We estimate the conference will be attended by 500 persons – clinicians and healthcare directors, housing developers and administrators, policy-makers, community leaders, law enforcement, and funders.

COVID 19 and Homelessness

Mental Health Alliance
Organizations and individuals who represent the interests of people with mental illness and have long participated in efforts to reduce police use of force used against people with mental illness joined together as a friend of the court in US DOJ v. City of Portland. Organizational members of the Alliance include Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance, Disability Rights Oregon, the Mental Health Association of Portland, and the Oregon Justice Resource Center. Supporters of the Mental Health Alliance meet regularly to hear from invited guests, discuss the organization’s advocacy and legal agenda, and prepare testimony for city, county, state, and Federal venues.

About Us

Alternative Mobile Services Association
Supporting Street-Level Alternatives to Police and Hospitalization

The Alternative Mobile Services Association is an emerging group of professionals and peers with the purpose of researching, assessing, and identifying best practice models of mobile response services that support or are alternatives to traditional 911 emergency response, police services, and unnecessary hospitalization. Additionally, the association seeks to promote networking and cooperation among providers, jurisdictions and allied stakeholders interested in alternatives to conventional policing.

The Alternative Mobile Services Association supports street-level alternatives to police.

What are Alternative Mobile Services?

Mobile services encompass a variety of responses to the immediate needs and crisis situations in the community. Mobile services can include street outreach vans that provide supplies and support to the homeless, mental health agencies that provide in-person mobile response to clients in suicidal crisis (either immediately or within 24 hours), police programs that pair a clinician with a police officer to respond to mental health related calls, and hospital-based outreach programs which provide services in their community. A mobile service is simply any service that works with high-needs populations and meets them where they’re at, in their own space, to get them the help they need in a moment of need or distress.

Graphic Arts Collection Synergies

Why do certain images belong together as a collection?

Over the years I have been considering the dynamics of collections of images.

In 1980, with my partner LMT, we created a series of collections of images we called IMAGINATION DECKS.

This particular collection, depicted here, we called a Story Deck.  I had an idea for making up stories using elements that can be arranged variously. This idea was further developed by LMT to create prompts for improvising narrative adventures. The basic concept is that these images can be assembled or sequenced in various ways, and can inspire different people in different ways. We also included them in some of our performance art, our ensemble was called The Theatre of Transformations and we were active from 1979 through 1984.

We tried to market the picture decks as “games” and proceeded to develop “rules” for playing these games. That turned out to be less productive.

Today I am still interested in collections of small images that naturally assemble themselves. The core idea is a love of pictures and considering what might draw them together into groups. Each image is a unique unit of meaning. What belongs together and what is an incidental or accidental juxtaposition? How does that combination create or alter the image’s meanings? These are the questions that interest me.

Free Jazz Forever!

Jeffrey Morgan, sometimes known as Slim Saxmon

Jeffrey Morgan and Associates

Art Tantrum YouTube Channel

Jeffrey Morgan at All About Jazz

dream old

we were all confused, what to do where to go

the crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger, it was dark and hard to see, the edge of panic setting in

someone put up a sign, the sign named an old rock band, everyone who remembered and loved that band moved towards the sign, another and another, the centers of the crowd kept growing, more people

we were all stuck with each other nowhere else to go

time went on anyway

21 Years Ago Today

Here is a naked picture of my mom:

Here she is at age 18:

This is my parents, 8 years before I was born:

They were new to Albion (Michigan) having moved from Missouri. This is after the war and he is home having done his part fighting for the allied antifa cause, and enjoying the benefits of the GI Bill.

Here she is later in her life:

She died early in the morning December 12, 1999, winking and giving a raspberry to the world.

Here is a picture of my dad in 1921

Gratitude in 2020: I am in good health today, I am grateful to be here, I am mostly doing things I like, I am not complaining about the things I do not like, I have new opportunities ahead to be excited about, generally I feel blessed, but I have no future security and know the story will end with my demise. Let the good times rouler!

Drifting Memories

BrainVoyager: Drifting Memories

This album cover links to my review of DRIFTING MEMORIES

1 Awake in Swirling Dreams
2 Drifting Memories
3 All That Has Been
4 Ascension

‘Brain Voyager’ is the name of a 1985 album title of the German electronic musician Robert Schroeder. This name covers exactly what the Electronic Music of Brainvoyager’s music stands for. It is music that tries to invoke voyages within the listener’s brain, thus turning him or her into a real brain voyager.

Gerald Allen James 1945-2020

Gerald (Jerry) James was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to Coy Hilton James and Aurelia (DeBuchananne) James on February 28, 1945, and he died on February 15, 2020 at his home in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, surrounded by his family. He is survived by his wife, Frances (Dunn) James, sons Matthew and Nicholas James and his wife, Alicia (Kinter) James, much-loved granddaughters Alexis and Taylor, his brothers, Coy Hilton (Jim) James Jr. and Robin Brintnall James, nieces and nephews and extended family and friends.

He was a vocal proponent of respect for women and abhorred bullying and domestic violence. Although slight in build his entire life, as a middle-aged man, he once placed himself in harm’s way for a neighbor in a domestic violence situation. He was also a staunch, life-long Democrat and would gladly tell you his reasoning behind this stance.

He moved to Albion, Michigan as a child, graduated from Albion High School in 1963 and received his Bachelor’s Degree in History and Economics from Albion College in 1967. He was a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

He married Frances Dunn in 1967 in Bethesda, Maryland, the same year he began working for the Aluminum Company of America.

His first son, Nicholas S. James, was born on February 28, 1968 in Pittsburgh, PA. Twins, Matthew B. and Evan M. James were born December 12, 1972 in Seattle, Washington. The family spent many years in the Pacific Northwest, including suburban Portland, Oregon before moving to Pottsville, Pennsylvania in 1984. Gerry left Pottsville in 1989, but returned to Pennsylvania to reconnect with his three sons in 1999.

He was preceded in death by his son, Evan, and his parents Coy and Aurelia James.

The twins, Mattnevan

Drifting to Salish

mount fear

New Sidewalk Dreams

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