Because Ello keeps insisting that I join, and I tend to use different browsers, I have a growing collection of Ello presences, just to keep those individual browsers free of the recruiting messages that Ello pushes. I usually just ignore Ello solicitations, but lately they have started to annoy me, so I made it work for me.

The most recent one is all visual art:

This next one is for more original text projects, not the experimental pirate stuff, these stories are the old-fashioned sit-down-and-write story items. From back when I was trying to find my inner author. Phinuit is a name I found in some spiritualist literature, the name of a spirit. I first used that name in one of my first werewolf stories, and it has appeared in other projects since then.

And then there were three, I just now added this one, a whimmer. Loose items that did not fit otherwhere.

The fourth: this was an experiment in defining content issues with Ello regarding content that includes advertisements or any promotions. Each and every one of these are direct reproductions of a press release, the purity of the promotional intention could not be more perfect.