Two monsters of the single reed doing the sway. Oh, wait, what about the rhythm section? They brought their own! This duo has the intuitive chemistry that comes only from epochs of experience playing together. Jeff Coffin on tenor sax, bass flute, bass clarinet, and clarinet; one finishes the other’s groove. Derek Brown on the tenor sax, baritone sax, sax percussion (that’s the slap-beat thing he is famous for), and of course the wind sounds. Each track delivers lots of complexity, tricky syncopation, cadence and weaving. Most of the compositions are Coffin/Brown, with the exception of “Up Jump” (1:35) by Coffin alone. My favorite tracks are “The Belly Crawl” (4:44) because the two components do a sly slow wailing dance, and “The Mess Around” (3:40) brings a swirling response team pulse that is ticklish.

Here is my interview with Derek Brown, required reading, quiz afterwards.

Altogether a sax dragon’s heliport to outer heavenlyville, showing the joy of the instrument’s sound. There is room at the dragon’s table for everyone, something the beginning band class can study and take home, and something for the advanced hipsters out there, you dig?

1 Chunk (3:39) Coffin/Brown
2 The Belly Crawl (4:44) Coffin/Brown
3 Up Jump (1:35) Coffin
4 Roundabout (3:51) Coffin/Brown
5 The Mirage (4:20) Coffin/Brown
6 The Mess Around (3:40) Coffin/Brown
7 Somewhere I Can’t Recall (4:29) Coffin/Brown



Okay, here is the promised quiz: What is jazz?