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I had noticed that the transcription software was making lots of errors and inventing words, so I sensed an opportunity. I read aloud into an audio recorder the entire first book of the Hardy classic series. Transcription software is designed to take spoken words slowly and carefully monitored and corrected as necessary so that the system and narrator merge slowly and learn each other’s ways. When I played the recording there were no corrections made or even monitoring of the results, no mercy, the words just kept coming and coming doggedly relentlessly, ruthlessly, and sure enough, the transcription software interpreted as best it could, and invented words, new plot twists, and even names of people who were never part of Dixon’s intended universe. For eleven years I have chipped away at punctuating the results and created the intro frame part taking place in a nursing home, and introduced the notion of dementia-influenced language after caring for several clients during my short career at “Home Instead” elder care. Now maybe I could claim a new identity, Robin James Joyce? My reward (or the discovery of this crime) will come after my manuscript is recognized in the decades after shedding this mortal coil. Certainly not before!

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Robbin’ William Burroughs! Robbing from the rich sources of

pre-existing literature and giving my value-added results to the poor

hapless reader. Burroughs provided the notion of repurposing language

accidents, and I ran amok with it.

I have done other bold things blending plagiaristic exploitation

opportunities and the new technologies, but nothing more with

transcription software. The volume of results from transcription

software is excessively quantitative to manage efficiently.


copy and paste werks reel gud!

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