Cassette Mythos 1985 to 2020: AND BEYOND
searching the internet for clues 35 years later


This is based on an inventory of the 1,221 tapes contributed to, or collected by me, Robin James, during the beginning phase of the Cassette Mythos project, which began in 1985 and continued as a primary obsession until I enrolled in graduate studies in library and information science at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and graduated in 1990. I slowed way down with collecting tapes for Cassette Mythos in the early 1990s.

All of the Cassette Mythos project was based on relying on the postal system for all contact. Things changed. In the beginning of the Cassette Mythos project I carefully collected the contact information (mailing addresses was all we had) unfortunately most of the contributors changed addresses frequently so by the mid 1990s I had completely abandoned that practice. I had storage issues so I had to dispose of the original postal packaging and letters, but I still had the tapes. This was when I got a day job and had no time for what had grown to overwhelming proportions. In hindsight this also turned out to be the emergence of the internet, which made all of the mailing addresses irrelevant anyway.

I successfully collected the basics in this format LABEL: ARTIST: SENT (meaning the source or LABEL, the creating entity or ARTIST, and what they SENT, or the title of the cassette album) from each contribution. I intended to gather all of the song titles, times, instrumentation, personnel, pictures, of course I wanted to scan the little booklets and reproduce some or all of the actual tracks. Intentions are easy to dream of, time has no mercy. I have none of the tapes now, only this list, and my undying gratitude to the contributors.

This inventory of tapes is in two sections, the first section are the items that can be clustered by source or LABEL, and second, all of the loose ones which only have ARTIST and the title. Plus a few odd compilations.

BY LABEL They are a label because they call themselves a label.
BY ARTIST there is no LABEL only the artist name and the title of the cassette album, or just the title of the compilation.

(besides google, bandcamp and facebook)

An accidental discovery (for me), new noise fans check it out!

My intention here is not to compete with any contemporary music networking project, but to do right by the tape artists who contributed to the Cassette Mythos project (1985- early 1990s). Please use the email address at the top of this page (you must decode the anti-robot presentation) to send me corrections, updates, and comments. This is an ongoing project!

To search through this list, scroll and just see what you can find, or try using CTRL-F and typing in the first few letters of what you seek. The people names are listed first name first.


235 Distribution
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Intrendent Fansette

ARTIST: Absolute controled clinical maniacs SENT: live
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Conconadindina

A walk across the rooftops
ARTIST: Johnny Switchblade SENT: dark matter
ARTIST: Johnny Switchblade SENT: the detachable prostitute
ARTIST: The paisley-hued eucalyptus corkscrew pavillion SENT: blossums

ARTIST: James Hardman
MADE lullabies for the christ child
MADE Pleiadian Suite
MADE the river

ARTIST: Sue Fishbein SENT: wildlife & its results

Another Umbrella Corp.
ARTIST: John Hudak SENT: Dadafrolic
John Hudak SENT: no basis for reason
John Hudak SENT: halls
John Hudak SENT: wind rain and cloud to human beings

ARTIST: Bryan Baker SENT: itch

ARTIST: Kalberer Hotel Supply SENT: Satisfaction

Apt X Tapes
ARTIST: iks SENT: farewell
(not enough information)

Architects Office
ARTIST: Joel Haertling SENT: zamizdat #6

Art & Noise
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Montage 07/08
(the search continues)

Art Test Tapes
ARTIST: compilation SENT: catscan
(oblique references but all are direct hits for the Cat Scan cassette March 1, 19)

ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: dead letters
See also Minerva Editions label

Artful Balance
ARTIST: David Diggs SENT: Nothing but the truth
ARTIST: dream street II SENT: no limit
ARTIST: Tommy Emmanuel SENT: up from down under

Audio Edition Ammerland
ARTIST: Audio Edition Ammerland SENT: Birds
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Private sound
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Try to…
ARTIST: Rennbahn band SENT: Dresden

Audio Muzixa Qet
ARTIST: semantics could vanish SENT: euy

ARTIST: the order of flesh and blood SENT: slightly mutated
(I do not think this is a match but check it out:

ARTIST: compilation
SENT: Auricular 2
Auricular 3
Auricular 4
Auricular 5
Auricular 6
Auricular 7
Auricular 8

Bad Compilation Tapes
MADE Brain of stone
MADE I thrash therefore I am

Big Baby
(There is a current artist with this name who is much more famous now)
ARTIST: E.M.M.A. SENT: make mine milk
ARTIST: Hawkfeather magick SENT: Hawkfeather magick
ARTIST: McStinkk SENT: In the pink
ARTIST: McStinkk SENT: mixed ink
ARTIST: Mike Tetrault SENT: warm blade
ARTIST: nick SENT: magick television
ARTIST: nick SENT: nine
ARTIST: nick SENT: not quite right
ARTIST: nick SENT: retreat house recital
ARTIST: nick SENT: retreat house revival
ARTIST: nick SENT: the decline & fall of the retreat house
ARTIST: nick SENT: uninvited guests
ARTIST: nick SENT: Wally & Jesus
ARTIST: O.C Last SENT: at last
ARTIST: O.C Last SENT: Retreat
ARTIST: Retreat House Dolls SENT: RHDolls

ARTIST: compilation SENT: Pluralismc

Bird Butt Productions
ARTIST: Airbag SENT: Air bag Live

Black Dog
ARTIST: Tim Gilbride SENT: dirt

ARTIST: Nick Crofts SENT: Heads on sticks

Bomb shelter Props
ARTIST: compilation SENT: MaLLife #18
(found nada so far)

ARTIST: Renaissance affair SENT: Renaissance affair
(found nada so far)

ARTIST: MJB90 SENT: Wonderbread*world
(found nada so far)

Breakfast Without Meat
ARTIST: sun city girls SENT: midnight cowboys from Ipanema

Burning Press
ARTIST: Back yard mechanics for language SENT: backyard mechanics for language
ARTIST: compilation SENT: taproot 5/6 text texture

Calypso Now!
ARTIST: compilation SENT: starspot
ARTIST: compilation SENT: The 1984 cassingles collection
ARTIST: Flowerpornoes SENT: Flowerpornoes
ARTIST: Mario Scherrer SENT: The guild
ARTIST: Nisus anal furgler SENT: Die Russen kommen
ARTIST: Pullmydaisey SENT: The Monsters
ARTIST: RudiTuschler SENT: Stupid stupid
ARTIST: the ex SENT: Svatsox
ARTIST: Unknownmix SENT: Splendid the sound of young Switzerland

Camaraderie Music
ARTIST: compilation SENT: ssshhhh…
ARTIST: Ken Scales/Mr.Curt SENT: The further adventures of Ken Scales
ARTIST: Laughing Academy SENT: Laughing Academy
ARTIST: Laughing Academy SENT: Music from the film Swimming backwards
ARTIST: Mr. Curt SENT: Mr. Curt
ARTIST: Mr. Curt SENT: Trial by fire
ARTIST: Urban Ambience Orchestra SENT: musique du jour
ARTIST: Urban Ambience Orchestra SENT: urban ambience

ARTIST: Blankcrowd SENT: reality conversion
ARTIST: Blankcrowd SENT: shades below

Captivating Music
ARTIST: Ray Mason SENT: it’s time to captivate a planet
(found nada so far)

Carlyle Records
ARTIST: grinning plowman SENT: I play jupiter
ARTIST: Marky and the unexplained stains SENT: Marky and the unexplained stains

ARTIST: coz the shroom SENT: solid mud love god

Cause and Effect
ARTIST: compilation SENT: cause and effect catalog
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: Dog as master
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: corroboree
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: live in memphis
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: live in pittsburgh
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: misadventures in sound
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: places without air
ARTIST: Master/Slave Relationship SENT: captive heart
ARTIST: Master/Slave Relationship SENT: throwing it to the wind
ARTIST: viscera SENT: swallowing cold
ARTIST: viscera SENT: sweat
Collaborative releases from CAE (Cause and Effect) and SOP (Sound of Pig Music)
Cause and Effect / SOP ARTIST: Bwanadog SENT: sacrifice of reason
Cause and Effect / SOP ARTIST: Dog as Master/if, bwana SENT: painting the sacrifice of reason tour 19
Cause and Effect / SOP ARTIST: Dog as Master/if, bwana SENT: symbolic accidents of ceremony

Check Czech
ARTIST: compilation SENT: minimal romantic
ARTIST: Krasnenovestroje Dybuk SENT: Garaz, Laura & Jeji Tygri

Cheeptoons Industries
ARTIST: C W Gilchrist SENT: fake music
ARTIST: C W Gilchrist SENT: weird music
(the search for fake and weird continues)

Cityzens for Non-Linear Futures
ARTIST: Audio Leter SENT: In the green night
ARTIST: Audio Leter SENT: invention: romance of entropy
ARTIST: Audio Leter SENT: live
ARTIST: Fake feelings institute/Audioletter SENT: Fake feelings institute / Audio letter
ARTIST: Hinrix/Cochrane SENT: No safety
ARTIST: Paul Hoskin SENT: solo
ARTIST: Radio illuminati SENT: Radio illuminati
ARTIST: Robert Hinrix SENT: Inversion diversion
ARTIST: Robert Hinrix SENT: Prism for the poison world
ARTIST: SAH inasmuchas Audio leter NYC SENT: SAH inasmuchas Audio leter NYC
ARTIST: Sharon Gannon and David Life SENT: festival of lights
ARTIST: Sue Ann Harkey SENT: Nothing is something
ARTIST: Sue Ann Harkey SENT: Definitely pre-cataclysmic in nature
ARTIST: Sue Ann Harkey SENT: I tell you everything (just not out loud)
ARTIST: Sue Ann Harkey SENT: Listen, little man
ARTIST: Sue Ann Harkey SENT: Stand looking around you

ARTIST: compilation SENT: stitching small tears

ARTIST: compilation SENT: Men of ridiculous patience
BY LABEL: cntmprr-ydtns ARTIST: compilation SENT: Lunokhod/Bleak/Browning Mummery/Rik Rue/Severed Heads

Collision Cassettes
ARTIST: claeric red f SENT: nobody to blame but themselves
ARTIST: Frederick Lonberg-Holm
SENT: duets (the first 12 days of 1989)
MADE fixed fragments

Complacency Productions
ARTIST: Illusion of safety SENT: In 70 countries
ARTIST: Illusion of safety SENT: its a dead dog

Crawling With Tarts
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: Broom
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: CWT
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: hasel rute
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: Loneliness
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: Tea room
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: untitled?
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: Voccianna

ARTIST: Dad’s New Slacks
MADE Uh oh, Dad’s Home

ARTIST: compilation SENT: Dagger killer comp vol. 1

ARTIST: E Woodall SENT: house of stairs
(must keep searching)

Devil in the Woods
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Devil in the Woods

Discographies for the Deaf
ARTIST: J’accuse SENT: J’accuse
ARTIST: moonlove SENT: may never happen
ARTIST: thee falling spikes SENT: love gods live at cafe lolita

ARTIST: Marc Barecca SENT: the sleeper wakes

Duck Tapes
ARTIST: Len DiFranza SENT: Atomic Lathe
(must keep on looking)

Dutch Boy
ARTIST: Bad Boy Butch Batson SENT: twisted and bent

ARTIST: clones & friends SENT: fresh approach

Eklund Cassettes
ARTIST: Roberta Eklund SENT: poems from dead mummies
MADE Go tell it to the mountain
MADE piano improvisations
MADE the process of recognition

El Rancho Musique
ARTIST: Geoff X. Alexander SENT: San Jose Confidential

Ermine Music
ARTIST: any of seven weasels SENT: any of seven weasels
ARTIST: other peoples children SENT: other peoples children
ARTIST: the look of utter disbelief SENT: the look of utter disbelief

Evios Empire
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Bonfire in the boneyard
(keep searching)

Experimental Musical Instruments Magazine
ARTIST: compilation SENT: volume I
ARTIST: compilation SENT: volume III
ARTIST: compilation SENT: volume IV

Experimental Sound Studio
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Radio active chicago 1990
ARTIST: Lou Mallozzi SENT: Building from scratch

Fast Forward
ARTIST: compilation SENT: The dance issue

Floating World
ARTIST: Running Deer SENT: Eat it raw

Flying Note
ARTIST: Zusaan Kali Fasteau
MADE Beyond words
MADE Bliss

ARTIST: compilation SENT: comp. 2

ARTIST: compilation SENT: way way way passed normal
See also:

Frog Holler Sounds
ARTIST: Edwin King SENT: Rock Rock music in every day
ARTIST: King brothers SENT: for kids by kids
ARTIST: King Brothers SENT: no covers
ARTIST: King Brothers SENT: sing the king

ARTIST: Philip Perkins SENT: Pacal (the shield)
ARTIST: Philip Perkins SENT: the flame of ambition
ARTIST: Philip Perkins SENT: the remotes
ARTIST: Philip Perkins SENT: the rosetta stone

ARTIST: Galian SENT: the birth of venus
(nada, must go further)

ARTIST: Greg Evason MADE: GAP TAPE 3 collage 1
ARTIST: Greg Evason MADE: GAP Tape One
ARTIST: Greg Evason MADE: GAP Tape Two

ARTIST: compilation SENT: gargoyle 29
ARTIST: compilation SENT: gargoyle 36

Generations Unlimited
ARTIST: Alexander Ross SENT: Grandfather paradox
ARTIST: compilation SENT: OP1
ARTIST: Conrad Schnitzler SENT: CS1
ARTIST: Conrad Schnitzler SENT: CS11
ARTIST: David Myers SENT: DM1
ARTIST: David Myers SENT: DM2
ARTIST: David Prescott SENT: DP1
ARTIST: David Prescott SENT: cxema
ARTIST: David Prescott SENT: Electromagnetism
ARTIST: David Prescott SENT: Red Shift #5
ARTIST: David Prescott SENT: Tales from the public eye
ARTIST: David Prescott SENT: The Last Battle
ARTIST: edosborn SENT: lennarcs
ARTIST: Jorg Thomasius/Dieter Zobel SENT: JT2
ARTIST: Morphogenesis SENT: MG1
ARTIST: Stefan Tischler and Blair Petrie SENT: ST1
ARTIST: Thomas DiMuzio SENT: TD1
ARTIST: Thomas DiMuzio SENT: TD1

ARTIST: teafortwo SENT: T-42
(no results for my search so far)

GGE Record
ARTIST: Ray Carmen SENT: Pop!
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: devices and mechanisms

Global Community Cassette Quarterly
ARTIST: compilation SENT: the global community cassette quarterly vol 1

Global Village
ARTIST: Calle Strada Strasse SENT: Calle Strada Strasse
ARTIST: Klexmer V’od SENT: Klez encounters of the Yiddish kind

Goodall tapes
ARTIST: severed head in a bag SENT: severed head in a bag

Goody Bag
Discog match for the name Goody Bag is not the same as the guy who SENT: these tapes under the name Tohu Va Bohu, so long ago now.
ARTIST: Tohu Va Bohu SENT: Aberdeen
ARTIST: Tohu Va Bohu SENT: arcade
ARTIST: Tohu Va Bohu SENT: big nasty
ARTIST: Tohu Va Bohu SENT: fat lady at the mall
ARTIST: Tohu Va Bohu SENT: Gnosis
ARTIST: Tohu Va Bohu SENT: Tohu Va Bohu

Gravel voice Records
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: sheets of cruelty
ARTIST: Thelema SENT: a place to pray

Great Orm
ARTIST: Keeler SENT: Legerdemain
ARTIST: Keeler SENT: outward signs

Green Light Records
ARTIST: Dennis Carlton SENT: Color with crayons
ARTIST: The Lost souls SENT: The Lost souls
(no match yet for the Green Light Records that sent those two tapes)

Green Monkey Records
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Local Product
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Monkey Business
ARTIST: Evan Schoenfeld SENT: I Ching
ARTIST: Green pajamas SENT: November
ARTIST: Green pajamas SENT: Summer of lust
ARTIST: Icons SENT: Live at the Hall of Fame
ARTIST: Icons SENT: The Masters of Disaster
ARTIST: Jon Strongbow SENT: A Normal sort of guy
ARTIST: Me Three SENT: No Money no fun
ARTIST: Rich Hinklin SENT: Contradiction
ARTIST: The Fall-outs SENT: The Fall-outs
ARTIST: Tom Dyer SENT: Daddy / The ballad of Jeffrey and Suzanne
ARTIST: Tom Dyer SENT: I lived three lives
ARTIST: Tom Dyer SENT: Truth or consequences

Happy Bat
ARTIST: Zap Barreau SENT: between the shadows and the grave

ARTIST: Klaus Lendzian SENT: a firm foundation
(the search continues)

Harsh Reality
ARTIST: Bwanadog SENT: joint venture
ARTIST: mental anguish SENT: residue
ARTIST: Swinebolt 45 SENT: nakedness, shyness
ARTIST: Viktimized Karcass SENT: Strangled

Hayoon Limit?
ARTIST: Hayoon Limit? SENT: pi 33
ARTIST: Hayoon Limit? SENT: Richard makes love pop

Heath Dog Violet Records
ARTIST: the mints SENT: unreleased practice music
(somewhere there is more about Heath Dog Violet Records and I must keep looking)

Holy Funk
(where is the Funk? We want the funk!)
ARTIST: The new improved night nurses SENT: The new improved night nurses

ARTIST: the new improved Jook Savages SENT: the night nurses on a control trip

ARTIST: Jonathan Kline/Jeffrey Bartone SENT: Conceptual cowboy yodeling

Home Recordings
ARTIST: Big Hair SENT: Big Hair -Big Deal
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Home recordings sampler
ARTIST: compilation SENT: The Home Recordings Promotional Sampler
ARTIST: Pink Bob SENT: All American Mom
ARTIST: Pink Bob SENT: Dead in the Middle
ARTIST: Pink Bob SENT: The light at the end of the tunnel
ARTIST: Scott Lucas SENT: Shake
ARTIST: Sediments SENT: Capitalism Inc.
ARTIST: Sediments SENT: Nowhere Man/Son of Bob Doody
ARTIST: Sediments SENT: The Sediments
ARTIST: Shmaz SENT: improvisations
ARTIST: VooDoo Mark SENT: Songs I like
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Passed normal the cassette
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Passed normal Vol. 3

Independent Hometape Label
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Flanders tape-ology

Insane Music Contact
ARTIST: Alain et Nadine SENT: wedding cassette
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Human flesh
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Bloody but chic
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Crazy but chic, harsh blend
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Crazy but chic, soft blend
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Insane music for insane people vol. 5
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Loopy but chic, harsh blend
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Loopy but chic, soft blend
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Crazy but chic softblend

Inside the Soundscape
ARTIST: Hildegard Westerkamp and Norbert Ruebesaat SENT: A walk through the city/whisper study/street music
ARTIST: Hildegard Westerkamp and Norbert Ruebesaat SENT: Cordillera / Zone of silence story
ARTIST: Hildegard Westerkamp and Norbert Ruebesaat SENT: Voices for the wilderness
ARTIST: Hildegarde Westerkamp SENT: Fantasie for horns I & II

Interference Tapes
ARTIST: Blair Petrie SENT: Requested music
ARTIST: Blair Petrie SENT: Noise
ARTIST: Blair Petrie SENT: The meaning of love

ARTIST: compilation SENT: Inter k-7/’

ARTIST: compilation SENT: decompilation
ARTIST: J. Grienke SENT: before the storm
ARTIST: J. Grienke SENT: Over Ruins
ARTIST: J. Grienke SENT: moving climates

ARTIST: Kim Robertson SENT: wind shadows vol. 2

Isolation Chamber Music Society
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Jacksonian march
(the search continues)

ARTIST: invisible party SENT: live

Jerry LeHane
(I am not absolutely certain that this is the right label)
ARTIST: compilation SENT: so this is Newark
ARTIST: compilation SENT: tell the children
ARTIST: moaners SENT: god is bogus
ARTIST: moaners SENT: out to kill

Jim Tapes
ARTIST: Croiners SENT: a sample of Croiners
ARTIST: Croiners SENT: music to listen to other tapes by
ARTIST: Croiners SENT: the relentless rhythm of change

Jittery Sphincter Laboratories
ARTIST: Jittery Sphincter Laboratories SENT: Jittery Sphincter Laboratories

John Doe Recordings
ARTIST: compilation SENT: A view from somewhere
ARTIST: Dog as Master/if, bwana SENT: the sacrifice of reason tour
ARTIST: not sure SENT: Fear no loss of freedom / dust that collects

ARTIST: Beat Happening SENT: three tea breakfast
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Danger is their business
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Dangerous Business International
ARTIST: compilation SENT: let’s kiss
ARTIST: compilation SENT: let’s together
ARTIST: Immoral Roberts SENT: no accident
ARTIST: Jan Brock SENT: he’s funny that way
ARTIST: John Foster’s Pop Philosophers SENT: John Foster’s pop philosophers
ARTIST: Noxiousfumes SENT: Noxious fumes
ARTIST: Rich Jensen SENT: 2 million years
ARTIST: Rich Jensen SENT: the animal box
ARTIST: Screaming trees SENT: Other worlds
ARTIST: Shonenknife SENT: burning farm
ARTIST: Steve Fisk SENT: till the night closes in
ARTIST: the few SENT: the few
ARTIST: The Go Team SENT: archer come sparrow
ARTIST: The Go Team SENT: Live at the WCPA
ARTIST: Tim Brock SENT: Hot cha cha
ARTIST: Tim Brock SENT: Performed at the Hotel Olympia

ARTIST: Violence and the sacred SENT: Teddy bear stinks real bad now

Kitti Tapes
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: Death chants of the rich and famous
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: I’ll get the chainsaw, you bring the salad
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: It pays to suffer
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: Jane Fonda’s cookout
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: Kinda young, kinda wow!
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: Lock the doors and wake the neighbors
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: reinventing the cube
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: talking with Billy Bragg about paying his taxes
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: there is another skywalker
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: What are you waiting for?
ARTIST: Dan Fioretti SENT: why play with your nose, why not try salads?

ARTIST: compilation SENT: hurricane party
(still looking for links to the hurricane party compilation by KML, is this them?

ARTIST: Knight Club SENT: KnightClub
(still looking)

Komotion International
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Live and Kicking #3

ARTIST: Harlan Mark Vale SENT: electronic music cassette I
ARTIST: Harlan Mark Vale SENT: Kramtones 1990
ARTIST: Harlan Mark Vale SENT: kramtones at Rogue
ARTIST: Harlan Mark Vale SENT: Roosevelt suite
ARTIST: Harlan Mark Vale SENT: Whitman coffee house
Kramtones ARTIST: New Art Orchestra SENT: waves
ARTIST: Po’ Cats SENT: Po’ Cats live at the Rainbow

La Foundation
ARTIST: Hugo Weris SENT: Nouvelle recette

ARTIST: compilation SENT: 3N1
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Objekt No. 2
ARTIST: Cyrnai SENT: parts of the insomnic wheel
ARTIST: F/i SENT: the circle is in the square
ARTIST: Master/Slave Relationship SENT: bed of perverse dreams
ARTIST: Mr, Bungle SENT: the raging wrath of the easter bunny
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Burning suns of shadow worlds
ARTIST: x-ray pop SENT: bronzing bosoum

(no sign of Laissez-Faire label)
ARTIST: compilation SENT: define by example

Land O’Newts
ARTIST: Heather Perkins SENT: Burning through
ARTIST: Heather Perkins SENT: Dangerous Household Objects
ARTIST: Heather Perkins SENT: living room
ARTIST: Heather Perkins SENT: why I did it / Binkys revenge

Level 11
Level 13

ARTIST: compilation SENT: Dead things
ARTIST: compilation SENT: the devil
(not sure? Could be. Who else? UNCONFIRMED)

(no sign of this prolific cassette label HELP!!)
ARTIST: BigTeeth SENT: Come to my aids
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Albaca Lips Now #18
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Fundamental Identities #13
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Gun World
ARTIST: Llama SENT: I SENT: the noise #6
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Language of improvisation
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Llama & friends
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Llama Cafe Amsterdam 12
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Llama-rama
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Sampler ’89
ARTIST: Llama SENT: Silly Toons
ARTIST: Noh-TV SENT: Clowns with Hitech toys
ARTIST: Noh-TV SENT: I want my noh-tv
ARTIST: Plato and the western tradition SENT: Petroglyphs / Ingathering
ARTIST: Wright/Todd SENT: Living in dreamtime #2
ARTIST: Wright/Todd SENT: Living in dreamtime #3
ARTIST: Wright/Todd SENT: Living in dreamtime #4
ARTIST: Wright/Todd SENT: The Dental Conference #1

Logarithmic Tapes
ARTIST: The Unnatural Logarithm SENT: Eh? Eh? Eh?
ARTIST: The Unnatural Logarithm SENT: Electronic Images
ARTIST: The Unnatural Logarithm SENT: Pan 2
ARTIST: The Unnatural Logarithm SENT: Samples by Eh? and Pandemonia
ARTIST: The Unnatural Logarithm SENT: Uncanny

Lone Wolf
ARTIST: compilation SENT: camera obscura #18
(no sign of Lone Wolf yet)

Lonely Whistle
ARTIST: compilation SENT: no pidgeonholes vol. 70
ARTIST: Donald Campau SENT: paralyzed by the very thought
ARTIST: Donald Campau SENT: Meteors and Pickles
ARTIST: Donald Campau SENT: Pen Pals

Lure of Salvage
ARTIST: compilation SENT: 21
(still looking)

M & M Music
ARTIST: Michael Chocholak SENT: Hotwired
ARTIST: Michael Chocholak SENT: on 2mbs-fm
ARTIST: Michael Chocholak SENT: prayers of steel
ARTIST: Michael Chocholak SENT: Skomorokhi
ARTIST: Michael Chocholak SENT: the latest models
ARTIST: Michael Chocholak/Ferret/WE Gibson SENT: New-Canton guy world tour
ARTIST: Radiocyberpunk SENT: The men who reinvented science fiction

Magisch Theater Productions
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Homo Sexpiens project

ARTIST: you only have one SENT: good life

Mark Edwards
ARTIST: my dad is dead SENT: my dad is dead

Maya Music Group
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Your silence will not protect you

Mechanical Sterility
ARTIST: Mechanical rat harvesters SENT: Mechanical rat harvesters

Midnight Records and Tapes
ARTIST: Aaron Cheney SENT: way past midnight
(I am leaving the light on)

Minerva Editions
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: Disorder Speech
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: beyond the pleasure principle
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: display wounds
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: Down with the Titanic
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: phantom pain
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: reptiles and wildfire
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: the pleasure of ruins
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: the respirator
ARTIST: Gregory Whitehead SENT: writing on air

Ministry of Culture
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Minutes to go

ARTIST: Minoy SENT: be cool (spazm)
ARTIST: Minoy SENT: life of the life
ARTIST: Minoy SENT: nocturnal equations
ARTIST: Minoy SENT: the phantom concerto
ARTIST: Minoy SENT: white with a crust of chill
ARTIST: Minoyzannoy SENT: sodomy in the supreme court lobby
ARTIST: PM SENT: on the third day
ARTIST: Prescott/Minoy SENT: the dying man
ARTIST: the haints SENT: going home

Missing Link Music
ARTIST: compilation SENT: missing link music
ARTIST: Mitch Friedman SENT: pop corn
(the missing link cassette label IS MISSING! I will keep looking)

ARTIST: Olliwor SENT: too many heros

ARTIST: Bill Davie SENT: Phobia Robes
(the search continues)

MPB records
ARTIST: Timework SENT: screenplay
(continue the search)

ARTIST: Lunar bear ensemble SENT: Lunar bear ensemble
ARTIST: machinegun SENT: open fire
ARTIST: Pheeroanak Laff SENT: Sonogram
ARTIST: Robert Musso SENT: absolute music
ARTIST: Thomas Chapin SENT: Radius

MADE Musicworks 26
MADE Musicworks 34
MADE Musicworks 41
MADE Musicworks 42
MADE Musicworks 43
MADE Musicworks 44
MADE Musicworks 45
MADE Musicworks 46
MADE Musicworks 47
MADE Musicworks 48
MADE Musicworks 49
MADE Musicworks 50
MADE Musicworks 51

Mystery Hearsay
ARTIST: compilation SENT: broken playgrounds
ARTIST: Mystery Hearsay SENT: mystery hearsay
ARTIST: Mystery Hearsay SENT: mystery-x
ARTIST: Mystery Hearsay SENT: The Mystic Earth
ARTIST: Mystery Hearsay SENT: tributary

Mystery Tape Laboratories
ARTIST: John Oswald SENT: Henry Kaiser
ARTIST: John Oswald SENT: Kissing Jesus in the dark
ARTIST: John Oswald SENT: sampler
ARTIST: John Oswald SENT: X

ARTIST: Zan Hoffman/Agog SENT: Fragment 2

New Change
ARTIST: compilation SENT: New change sampler
(the search continues)

New Hope International
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Ninety-ninety
(the search continues)

NMA Publications
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Mixed doubles
ARTIST: Rainer Linz SENT: Redolent Interludes

Non Sequitur/What Next?
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Aerial #3
ARTIST: compilation SENT: the aerial #1
ARTIST: Loren Mazzacane & Suzanne Langille SENT: Come night

NS Records
ARTIST: Nudge Squidfish SENT: 2000 AD
ARTIST: Nudge Squidfish SENT: Carolyn
ARTIST: Nudge Squidfish SENT: Do warriors carry flowers? You bet your sweet ass they do!
ARTIST: Nudge Squidfish SENT: I’m cocky for love
ARTIST: Nudge Squidfish SENT: Sellout

ARTIST: compilation SENT: Strangely colored map

Old Europa Cafe
ARTIST: MCH Band SENT: 1984 Our Well?

Original Cast
ARTIST: pagan agents SENT: live at the new melody
ARTIST: Pete Leinonen band SENT: Lemminkainen’s adventures
ARTIST: New Art Orchestra SENT: nao 2 greatest hits and Christmas favorites
ARTIST: Steven J. Bernstein and Pete Leinonen SENT: words and music
ARTIST: the Seattle muse ensemble SENT: brain burn matter

Ortega y Cassette
ARTIST: Dolores Garcia SENT: Camino al Desvan

Out of the Blue
ARTIST: AG Geige SENT: klangFarBe
ARTIST: Das Freie Orchester SENT: Now 1990
ARTIST: Lord Litter SENT: quite naturally
ARTIST: Paradox’88 SENT: the rest is silence

Own the Whole World
ARTIST: compilation SENT: own the whole world
(mykel board?)

Palace of Lights
ARTIST: Marc Barecca SENT: Music works for industry

Panic Records and Tapes
ARTIST: Scott Marshall SENT: People telling lies
ARTIST: the squat martian & sluggo ibnal-haq SENT: disenfranchised

ARTIST: Eugene Chadbourne
SENT: 3rd World Summit Meeting
SENT: Biker Music from SE Cambodia
SENT: Calgary Exhile
SENT: Chadbourne and Rose at Links Hall
SENT: Chicken On The Way
SENT: Collected Symphonies of Dr. Chadbourne
SENT: Constellation Rake
SENT: Corpses Come To Life
SENT: Country Music from the World of Islam Vol. 1
SENT: Country Music from the World of Islam Vol. 5+6
SENT: Country Music from the World of Islam Vol. 7+8
SENT: Country Music from the World of Islam Vol. 9+10
SENT: Country Music from the World of Islam Vol. 13-14
SENT: Dinosaur On The Way
SENT: Eugene is Hell
SENT: Eugene Stinks
SENT: Fake Fight
SENT: Fuck The Audio Evolutionary Network
SENT: Gym Sock
SENT: Hank Gonzales Master of the Lap Steel
SENT: Hank Gonzales Orchestra
SENT: He Is Insane
SENT: He Is Insane (1984)
SENT: Hot Air Balloon On The Way
SENT: I Lost my A## in Los Vegas
SENT: It Asked for YOU
SENT: Larry Speaks Wuz Here
SENT: Live on Sunset Strip
SENT: Michigan
SENT: Muppet On the Way
SENT: My First LSDCW trip
SENT: My New Life #1
SENT: My New Life #2
SENT: My New Life #3
SENT: My New Life #4
SENT: My New Life #6
SENT: My New Live #8
SENT: My New Life #12
SENT: My New Life #13
SENT: Now Blues
SENT: People Want Everything
SENT: People Want Everything Canadian Version
SENT: People Want Everything USA Version
SENT: Psychadelic
SENT: Rake Vs. Plunger MegaDeath
SENT: San Francisco
SENT: Solo Acoustic Guitar Volume 1
SENT: Solo Acoustic Guitar Volume 2
SENT: The Beat Goes On
SENT: The Dino Chicken
SENT: The English Channel New Version
SENT: The Porthole
SENT: The Secret of the Cooler
SENT: Ventures Warmup
SENT: Wombat On The Way
SENT: You are in Bear Country

Paycock Press
ARTIST: Tina Fulker SENT: tender hooks

Pedestrian Tapes
ARTIST: Michael Tinney SENT: Cell block
ARTIST: Mind/body/split SENT: Mind/body/split
ARTIST: Shane Fahey SENT: A cloakroom assembly
ARTIST: Shane Fahey SENT: Jamie Fielding
ARTIST: Paul Healy SENT: Release | Camera Obscura
ARTIST: Rik Rue SENT: multisonous mottos
ARTIST: Rik Rue SENT: Murmur
ARTIST: Rik Rue SENT: Other Voices

Phantom Soil
ARTIST: Dino Dimuro SENT: A real pretty rose
ARTIST: Dino Dimuro SENT: Dimuro House
ARTIST: Dino Dimuro SENT: Rivalry insanity
ARTIST: Dino Dimuro SENT: Snoutburger
ARTIST: Dino Dimuro SENT: Trouble at the mutual admiration society
ARTIST: Dino Dimuro SENT: Wave at the train

Piece of Mind
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Piece of Mind 001
(still looking for Piece of Mind)

Pierre Perret
ARTIST: la terre SENT: Gaia
SENT: k7 pour la relaxation: Mer et Foret
(Pierre Perret is a major French artist from the 1950-60s, the label name may be ironic, I am still looking)

Pink Noise Tapes
ARTIST: Lawrence Crane SENT: solo jerk-off/wank-shit

Planet of Love
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Planet of Love
(no link found yet)

ARTIST: the enchanting sounds of the surf SENT: the enchanting sounds of the surf

Poison Plant
ARTIST: Poison Plant SENT: music electronic

Presence Sound Productions
ARTIST: David Myers SENT: 7+7+4

Private Studio
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Studio Animals
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Sublime wedge
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Tape Number 2
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Tape Number 3
ARTIST: Frank Pahl SENT: Only a mother could love
ARTIST: Rest in peas SENT: Blurbs
ARTIST: The Blurbs SENT: Industry

Proclimation Recordings
ARTIST: Michael T. Jackson SENT: out of the silent planet

ARTIST: Pszycho SENT: Pszycho

Public Eye
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Public Eye 004
(the search continues)

Rad Productions
ARTIST: Keith Kurlander SENT: idiot savant
(continuing to look)

Radio Arts Foundation
ARTIST: All Chemix Radio SENT: this is not true / go for it

Rainbow Morning Music
ARTIST: Barry Louis Polisar SENT: songs for well behaved children

Random Art Transfer
ARTIST: D. Jewell SENT: Fireman
(searching always searching)

ARTIST: The Velveteens SENT: The Velveteens
(where oh where?)

Rat Lab Steamworks
ARTIST: Eric Iverson SENT: S is for sychotic
ARTIST: Risconti Menasitranev SENT: Risconti Menasitranev

Rat Multimedia Productions
ARTIST: Amok SENT: Return to Hamelin
ARTIST: Andrea Navarro SENT: Risin to the love I need
ARTIST: Marco Cacciamani SENT: Step
ARTIST: Rat SENT: Swimming towards the bank

Revolutionary Records
ARTIST: Rebel poets SENT: Worlds SENT: flesh

Rhino Records
ARTIST: Kip Addotta SENT: life in the slaw lane

ARTIST: Ric E. Braden SENT: fear of edges
ARTIST: Ric E. Braden SENT: if/then

ARTIST: Joseph Ashton SENT: a hundred camels

ARTIST: 8 eyed spy SENT: live
ARTIST: compilation SENT: NY scum rock live at cbgb
ARTIST: Einstruzende Neubauten SENT: 2×4
ARTIST: GG Allin SENT: hated in the nation
ARTIST: Nikos Veropoulos SENT: Las Momias de Guanajuanto
ARTIST: the dickies SENT: we aren’t the world

ARTIST: compilation SENT: Due process 12-15
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Due process 7-11
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Songs I like to sing

ARTIST: gawk SENT: lure of the oxowl

Sakura Wreckords
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: 15 songs
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: A-E-A-E
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: Bush of bamboo
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: Christmas tape
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: I hate music
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: NEOs
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: Summer of love
ARTIST: Yximalloo SENT: Techno temple choir

ARTIST: sanctuary SENT: universe

ARTIST: Wayne Morris SENT: SCW
(not found yet)

Sean Wolf Hill
ARTIST: compilation SENT: tapeworm
(poet tape craft must find must find)

Sex on Sunday
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Mothers night in a Turkish bath
ARTIST: Hans Hendrickx SENT: 24 lives a second

ARTIST: Sho’Merde SENT: 0vt
ARTIST: shomerder SENT: sho merder
(looking looking)

Silent, But Deadly
ARTIST: Dangling Ganglion SENT: Bump tiddy bump tiddy
ARTIST: Dangling Ganglion SENT: Monsters from the id
ARTIST: Ed Special, Hairry Beanball & Duncan SENT: whats new pussy?
ARTIST: Inserts SENT: Inserts 2
ARTIST: Mark Murrell SENT: metal rainbow cover
ARTIST: Special Ed SENT: Holiday recipies
ARTIST: Special Ed SENT: Special Ed A
ARTIST: Special Ed SENT: Special Ed C

Slask Cassettes

Smiling Weasel
ARTIST: Brad Bradberry SENT: keep passing open windows

ARTIST: compilation SENT: snapshot #6
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Snapshot #8

Solomonoff & VonHoffmanstahl
ARTIST: compilation SENT: great in bed
ARTIST: compilation SENT: the element that defies description

Sound and Fury
ARTIST: Jeffrey Morgan SENT: Big turtle
ARTIST: Murray Reams SENT: InstruMENTAL (pope)
ARTIST: Murray Reams SENT: soap opera
ARTIST: shockabilly SENT: in search of shockabilly

Sound of Pig Music
ARTIST: aquaticsevertarnish SENT: capture stockhausen
ARTIST: Clank SENT: alpha
ARTIST: Clank SENT: beta
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Scary World
ARTIST: compilation SENT: aural fixation
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Beyond step one
ARTIST: compilation SENT: madness lives
ARTIST: compilation SENT: missing children
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Northern California is a noisey place indeed, Volume 2
ARTIST: compilation SENT: screaming alias she died laughing
ARTIST: compilation SENT: son of madness
ARTIST: compilation SENT: war is the reality of the state
ARTIST: constant drudgery is dangerous to soul spirit and health SENT: constant drudgery is dangerous to soul spirit and health
ARTIST: Costes SENT: younki
ARTIST: Crawling with tarts SENT: pn\iukouig
ARTIST: Croiners SENT: learning to live with croiners
ARTIST: D.Z.Electric SENT: Russo-american songs
ARTIST: Dan Joseph SENT: No. 3
ARTIST: Deaf Lions SENT: copia
ARTIST: Dog as Master SENT: brash pussy
ARTIST: Dog as Master/if, bwana SENT: an organized accident
ARTIST: Eric Muhs SENT: Ring of tape!
ARTIST: Gregor Jamroski SENT: vagabondage
ARTIST: het zweet SENT: het zweet
ARTIST: if, bwana SENT: cache la poudre
ARTIST: if, bwana SENT: freudian slip
ARTIST: if, bwana SENT: sex insanity death
ARTIST: if, bwana SENT: they call me bwana
ARTIST: Jeffrey Morgan SENT: AD*BC
ARTIST: Jeffrey Morgan SENT: Desert Inn of Trinidad
ARTIST: Jeffrey Morgan/Jim Willett SENT: Dragonfly
ARTIST: Johnny Calcagno SENT: apostasy
ARTIST: LG Mair, Jr. SENT: in the caverns of the dead
ARTIST: Little Fyodor SENT: Little Fyodor
ARTIST: Little Fyodor SENT: The Miracle
ARTIST: Luis Mesa SENT: el sueno
ARTIST: Mark Dery SENT: in mute nostril agony
ARTIST: MichaelHorwood SENT: voices new & old
ARTIST: Minoy SENT: pretty young negro man
ARTIST: Morphogenesis SENT: morphogenesis
ARTIST: Nature and organization SENT: third teriminal position
ARTIST: New Art Orchestra SENT: Divine Burden
ARTIST: O Don bourgeoisie boy milk SENT: bite the wax tadpole
ARTIST: Psyclones SENT: son ov cultleader
ARTIST: Schlafengarten SENT: spring cleaning
ARTIST: sombrero galaxy SENT: funktual intercourse
ARTIST: Swinebolt 45 SENT: Swinebolt 45
ARTIST: the mother-in-law’s house SENT: the mother-in-law’s house
ARTIST: the paisley-hued eucalyptus corkscrew pavillion SENT: …she explodes and the morning is filled with the fragrence of fresh tea
ARTIST: thick slimy whisper SENT: live at fashion moda
ARTIST: thick slimy whisper/Qwa Digs Never Parish SENT: teenage pop songs
ARTIST: Violence and the sacred SENT: Arkinoid
ARTIST: xtsw SENT: tunnel

Sound Theater
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Posters in the underground
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Requiem for a radio
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: A watch in the sea
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Artifacts
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: behind the emotional mask
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Bring your room
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: mind over matter
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: natural sciences
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Sound theater I Music and event
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Sound theater II Visions
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Suite for radio and turntable
ARTIST: Qubais Reed Ghazala SENT: Voice of America (an industrial opera)

Soundings of the Planet
ARTIST: compilation SENT: soundings tapestry
ARTIST: Tom Barabas/Dean Evenson SENT: soaring

ARTIST: compilation SENT: sources

ARTIST: agog SENT: putting legs on a snake
ARTIST: agog SENT: is no man
ARTIST: agog SENT: sketches
ARTIST: compilation SENT: untitled

Spanner Wrench Records
ARTIST: Sully J Michaels SENT: second two

ARTIST: st37 SENT: from space w/love
(still looking for more about this label)

Spiral Cassettes

ARTIST: Mike Miskowski SENT: 360 bulbnoid strainer

ARTIST: Jake Dillon SENT: electronic football game
ARTIST: Owen O’Toole SENT: Auto(no mic) radio
ARTIST: Owen O’Toole SENT: Siberian tiger
ARTIST: Owen O’Toole SENT: sonnet lumiere
ARTIST: the music of kites SENT: Ben Franklin (Owen O’Toole)

ARTIST: Amy Denio SENT: no bones

Spoot Icons
ARTIST: Mechanical Sterility SENT: band of a thousand lunches
ARTIST: Mechanical Sterility SENT: black label sessions
ARTIST: Mechanical Sterility SENT: Shockabilly baby

Squeaky Shoes Records
ARTIST: Alvaro SENT: The Chilean with the singing nose

ARTIST: Negativland SENT: Dick Vaughn
ARTIST: Negativland SENT: Jam con 84
ARTIST: Negativland SENT: Pastor Dick
ARTIST: Negativland SENT: The Weatherman

Steve Dollinger
ARTIST: who cares anyway? SENT: what the fuck
(still searching)

Stolen Art Productions
ARTIST: Deaf Lions SENT: adapted for television
ARTIST: Deaf Lions SENT: Dedicated
ARTIST: Deaf Lions SENT: like a…
ARTIST: Deaf Lions SENT: raw
ARTIST: Deaf Lions/PBK SENT: shamanistic

Stone Black
ARTIST: Michael Stone SENT: Reggae rockers
ARTIST: Michael Stone SENT: Time stand still
(the search continues)

Stratosphere Music

Stress Worldwide
ARTIST: Daniel Johnston SENT: Songs of pain
ARTIST: Daniel Johnston SENT: continuing story
ARTIST: Daniel Johnston SENT: hi, how are you?
ARTIST: Daniel Johnston SENT: respect
ARTIST: Daniel Johnston SENT: retired boxer
ARTIST: Daniel Johnston SENT: the what of whom
ARTIST: Daniel Johnston SENT: yip jump music

Subelectric Institute
ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: gateway to fruit loops
ARTIST: Brook Hinton SENT: many are chilled but few are frozen
ARTIST: Dollparts SENT: the clown that devours
ARTIST: Four track mind SENT: prelude to the afternoon of a trout
ARTIST: Four track mind SENT: the waking hours of fish
ARTIST: HintonTemplar SENT: Isnt that what you wanted?
ARTIST: S.Templar SENT: second chance
ARTIST: white boy medicine show SENT: sour mash music

Subgenius Foundation
ARTIST: Hour of Slack SENT: 83
ARTIST: Hour of Slack SENT: 84 all-intro
ARTIST: Subgenius Foundation SENT: Subgenius media barrage #10

ARTIST: Albert Figures SENT: Albert Figures
(no clues yet)

Swinebolt 45
ARTIST: Swinebolt 45 SENT: Dubois the Dolt
ARTIST: Swinebolt 45 SENT: Jeering at shamen
ARTIST: Swinebolt 45 SENT: Night music
ARTIST: Swinebolt 45 SENT: welcome to my world

Tapestry Tapes
ARTIST: Derek White SENT: The ethereal aether
ARTIST: Derek White SENT: whorl
(searching searching)

TCAB studio
ARTIST: James Hill SENT: Little men don’t lie
ARTIST: James Hill SENT: untitled

Ted J. Hilley
ARTIST: Ploughman SENT: demo box

MADE all guitars! Tellus 10
MADE dance Tellus 12
MADE Just intonation Tellus 14
MADE media myth Tellus 20
MADE new music china Tellus 19
MADE power electronics Tellus 13
MADE tango Tellus 16
MADE the improvisors Tellus 15
MADE the voices of Paul Bowles Tellus 23
MADE theater Tellus 18
MADE video arts music Tellus 17
MADE visual artists Tellus 21

Temporary Music
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Life ’85

The Atrocity Exhibition
ARTIST: The Atrocity Exhibition SENT: post-depair jazz
ARTIST: The Atrocity Exhibition SENT: zones of terror
(searching more, never give up)

The Joke Project
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Joke
ARTIST: compilation SENT: The talk project

The Third International
ARTIST: 9 fireman 9 SENT: 9 fireman 9

Tom Furgas
ARTIST: the fringe SENT: Fringe benefits
ARTIST: Tom Furgas SENT: Blip culture
ARTIST: Tom Furgas SENT: Quantum Geometry Networks
ARTIST: Tom Furgas SENT: Tom Furgas mar. 18 1992
ARTIST: Tom Furgas SENT: untitled
ARTIST: Tom Furgas SENT: untitled
ARTIST: Tom Furgas and DK SENT: overstating the obvious
ARTIST: Tom Furgas and Ken Clinger SENT: sanguine implants
ARTIST: Tom Furgas and Richard Franecki SENT: Both ends against the middle

ARTIST: David Prescott SENT: Studies in static and statis

Touch 33.3
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Drumming for creation
ARTIST: compilation SENT: islands in between
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Lands End
ARTIST: compilation SENT: radio

Trace Elements
ARTIST: Nicolas Colins/Robert Poss SENT: Inverse quitar
ARTIST: Robert Poss SENT: Sometimes

Trance Port tapes
ARTIST: John J. Lafia SENT: Prayers

Try Hard Productions
ARTIST: TangoHospital SENT: Mir geht’s gut
ARTIST: The flex SENT: The difficulties of the try and error method
(searching searching)

ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: tunnel
ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: Beatles Hell
ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: annual 1984
ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: annual 19
ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: Annual 1990
ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: Tryst five
ARTIST: Big City Orchestra SENT: we like noize too
ARTIST: dAS SENT: mysteries of bu clips
ARTIST: Doctor Welward Hazer SENT: Doctor Welward Hazer recorded on the Ub radio netwerk vol. 1 1989

ARTIST: compilation SENT: untitled
ARTIST: F/i SENT: illuminati
ARTIST: F/i SENT: on off
ARTIST: Richard Franecki SENT: film music for films that dont yet exist

Umbrella Records
ARTIST: Scott Buch SENT: circle dance
ARTIST: Scott Buch SENT: the floating city

Unsensored Musics
ARTIST: Ligon/Andrews SENT: Gesticulating for uncommon men
ARTIST: Ligon/Andrews SENT: Mental Dances
ARTIST: Ligon/Andrews SENT: More Meat Vol. 1
ARTIST: Ligon/Andrews SENT: Odd times

ARTIST: Bret W. Perkins SENT: Let it show


ARTIST: Chuck SENT: Fur Brot un freiheit
ARTIST: Chuck SENT: Alive
ARTIST: Chuck SENT: Everything is beautiful
ARTIST: Chuck SENT: System
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Eating out in Greensboro
ARTIST: David Nikias SENT: Renovation

Uptight Productions
ARTIST: Clay norwegian SENT: New age food disasters
(searching still searching)

ARTIST: Rod Summers SENT: Arid like the ocean
ARTIST: Rod Summers SENT: helgisaga
ARTIST: Rod Summers, Tom Winter SENT: A frayed doily of lunar ice

ARTIST: health & beauty SENT: health & beauty
(looking for more about this label)

Violet Glass Oracle Tapes
ARTIST: Gregorian George SENT: in phase shift reality
ARTIST: Gregorian George SENT: the aluminum bible

ARTIST: v.i.s.a. SENT: andromidia flux
(looking looking)

ARTIST: Robert Hinrix/Johnny Calcagno SENT: Ecophony

ARTIST: Wallmen SENT: better hair and nails
ARTIST: Wallmen SENT: eel vibes from the voodoo kitten
ARTIST: Wallmen SENT: mr. happy man
ARTIST: Wallmen SENT: nemllaw
ARTIST: Wallmen SENT: wallmen $3
ARTIST: Wallmen SENT: wallmen in concert

Warpt music
ARTIST: anatol sucher SENT: solitary confinement
ARTIST: Barnacle Choir SENT: 85 bc
ARTIST: Barnacle Choir SENT: trendy candies for happy tourists
ARTIST: compilation SENT: asbestos rockpile

Watergate Tapes
ARTIST: Chuck SENT: slim saxmon
ARTIST: compilation SENT: I’m not a crook
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Two Jesses
ARTIST: Gentlemaniac SENT: ethereal
ARTIST: Murray Reams SENT: Heaven is here

ARTIST: compilation SENT: cassettefest

ARTIST: compilation SENT: all my children
ARTIST: compilation SENT: the best o’ noiz art

ARTIST: compilation SENT: the halloween cassette
Or how about

What Hiss Music Company
ARTIST: the symptoms SENT: west
(the search continues)

Whitewall Tapes
ARTIST: Channel Masters SENT: polygraph
ARTIST: Channel Masters SENT: wide socks
ARTIST: compilation SENT: greetings from the industrial wonderworld
ARTIST: compilation SENT: k-hell presents: it’s too experimental!

Widemouth Tapes
ARTIST: compilation SENT: Laughingstock
ARTIST: e.e. vonna-michel SENT: e.e. vonna-michel sumissions to the laughingstock compilation
ARTIST: industrial high society SENT: hearing double in laquerland
ARTIST: tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE SENT: (frustrated) fone sex/(booed usic) (fone sex)/booed usic (jerks off) telectropheremoaninquinauennial (vaudio’s audio)
ARTIST: tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE SENT: 6 fingers crossed country tale/tor & the booed usician
ARTIST: tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE SENT: Ultimatum II: Dialectical Immaterialism, Generic As-beenism

ARTIST: meat market icons SENT: meat market icons
ARTIST: Wigglepig SENT: operation mindfuck

ARTIST: compilation SENT: the real poison

Yoyo Recordings
ARTIST: Big Idea SENT: big idea
ARTIST: Big Idea SENT: halloween house party
ARTIST: Tiny Giants SENT: fearless

ARTIST: Zan Hoffman SENT: Catapults dining with shining china

ARTIST: compilation SENT: zip III
(each edition came in a vinyl wallet with tape, poster, magazine, etc. mostly pop)

ARTIST: Elliott Sharp SENT: ir/rational music 2
ARTIST: Peter Cherches/Sonorexia SENT: it’s uncle!

ARTIST: compilation SENT: rivals of medusa

(Not otherwise on a label)

agent SENT: agent c 19

akula SENT: akula

Alan Baker SENT: of sickness and survival

Alice SENT: camper
Alice SENT: noise as information
Alice SENT: throat light

Allied Body SENT: no conflict

Amazon buffalo SENT: Amazon buffalo

animanarcana SENT: the tuesday that is not I

Arnold Mathes SENT: infinite room

Artie Palm SENT: Artifacts

ATS SENT: hail the size of golf-balls

Be Bop Revisited SENT: Olympia’s BeBop Revisited

Berlindiary SENT: victory weapon one

Bill Mackechnie, Chris Marion III SENT: untitled

Bill Ring SENT: Heaven somewhere

Blastoidz SENT: sonic imagry

Bob Hutcheson/Joel Beatty SENT: Martin Spyder

Boom boom GI SENT: Boom boom GI

Boschsociety SENT: untitled

Brain rot theater SENT: Brain rot theater demo 1992

Bret Hart SENT: Kamsa tapes sampler
Bret Hart SENT: Korean chaos
Bret Hart SENT: Recent stuff
Bret Hart SENT: true meaning of frankenstien

Bryan Medwed SENT: Sorry no help wanted

Cave man shoe store SENT: Rock

Charles S. Russell SENT: Harmless 5

Charly Holbeck SENT: Sinful motion

chazz SENT: a time to dream
chazz SENT: make happy

Child Support SENT: Child Support

Chris Owens SENT: anyone’s revolution

Christopher McElaney SENT: all these people

chronic harmonic SENT: the perfect blackness

Chuck Clearwater SENT: beizoldeo

Chuck Van Zyl SENT: callisto

circle confusion SENT: circle confusion

ClubCrack SENT: Split

CM James SENT: Fantome audio

collapse SENT: fossils in motion
collapse SENT: no recovery

Color Anxiety SENT: Color Anxiety

Colorblind James Experience SENT: live at Jazzberry’s

Costes SENT: French frog in an american cunt
Costes SENT: L’art c’est la guerre

Curt & Chris SENT: Deck the malls with songs of folly

D. Sorenson, A.V. Dark SENT: EL AZ

Dan Lander SENT: Dan Lander
Dan Lander SENT: Limited choices in equal time
Dan Lander SENT: Motpikho

Dangermouse SENT: dangermouse

Daniel Menche SENT: untitled
Daniel Menche SENT: untitled

Dave Klicora SENT: recordings from spring of 88

David Mesler SENT: blue smoke
David Mesler SENT: Reverie

Dean Krippaehne SENT: Dean Krippaehne and the Seattle Blues band

death squad SENT: death squad

Deception Bay SENT: Deception Bay
Deception Bay SENT: fortune days

Dennis Carlton SENT: pop populism

Denny Hart SENT: Denny Hart

derAkteur SENT: rockery

design 9 SENT: ear things

DFL SENT: movement

Dianna Kallerges SENT: the invisibility of the obvious

disguise SENT: fortune and fame

ditto SENT: in human terms
ditto SENT: texas electric

Djam Karet SENT: refelctions from the pool
Djam Karet SENT: the ritual continues

dk SENT: Another difficult moment by dk

do u I do SENT: do u I do

Don deBoer SENT: neurotic leisure

dot 3 SENT: in the desert

Douglas Arena SENT: structure from memory

Douglas Chay SENT: Dishwasher and the washing machine

Douglas Kahn SENT: the trombone of Chris Schiff

dreamhouse SENT: the telescope in your head

Dropkick SENT: Dropkick


Duane Isaacson SENT: impressions

Duncan Campbell SENT: Dunk-a-billy
Duncan Campbell SENT: Old time radio

DWMorris SENT: Why pay more?

earnerve SENT: nervous ears

east of eden band SENT: Hedwig GG & D’jalama Garnier

electric blue morning SENT: in the stillness of dreams…

elevation SENT: elevation

elevenphantoms SENT: eleven phantoms

elusivedreams SENT: …a hard to isolate or identify state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality…

empathy SENT: empathy

Erik Goldman, Joel Sebold, Doug Binder SENT: Mostly Ocean

Evan Cantor SENT: just sittin around the house

eXactones SENT: swing the cat

Festival of Something SENT: Auriform

FineLines#101 SENT: Joseph Keppler

Flowers for Funerals SENT: Flowers for Funerals

Foggiest notion SENT: sidetracked

Frank Gunderson SENT: Industrial sponge
Frank Gunderson SENT: Maraundi

Frank Kogan SENT: stars vomit coffee shop

Fuckedtones SENT: the fuckedtones

Gargoyle Mechanique SENT: Gargoyle Mechanique
Gargoyle Mechanique SENT: House of Dogs

Gary Strauss SENT: strange device

Gene Avery SENT: Hum 4 Kathi

Geoff X. Alexander and the all-stars SENT: canodromo

George Horn SENT: Pointless

Gerard Leckey SENT: untitled gold cover

girls on fire SENT: in my blood

Glitch SENT: Nowhereman

gone world SENT: gone world

goodsuesign SENT: witchcraft & retarded people

Greg Horn SENT: big grumpy adults

Gregor Jamroski SENT: untitled

Hans Guttman SENT: untitled

Heliotroupe SENT: Heliotroupe

Hellcows SENT: the Hellcows
Hellcows SENT: Toothless

Herb Ernst SENT: Dreamflight I
Herb Ernst SENT: Dreamflight II

Herd of turtles SENT: Herd of turtles

HermanosGuzanos SENT: the worms turn

herself SENT: herself

history of unheard music SENT: drop it

Hooba hooba SENT: Hooba hooba

Human Scab SENT: human scab
Human Scab SENT: thunderhips and saddle bags

I don’t know where but she takes me there SENT: I don’t know where but she takes me there

Idleworship (aka idol warship) SENT: have faith

izabella SENT: izabella

J.D. Wildbourn SENT: electric vacuum

Jackals SENT: rocket demo

JakeBerry/JohnM.Bennett SENT: the lemurs

James Douglas Morrison SENT: to be essene & not heard

Jay Allison SENT: animals and other stories

Jeffrey Morgan SENT: Zietgeist & the seven year itch
Jeffrey Morgan SENT: sidewalk collectables

Jim Croop Jr. SENT: demo tape

John Barbato SENT: face up on dash

John Thors SENT: of yancy street

John Wiggins SENT: anagenic
John Wiggins SENT: all the truth at once
John Wiggins SENT: particle music

Justin Saragoza SENT: collage no. 1+2
Justin Saragoza SENT: invention no 2
Justin Saragoza SENT: Plasma people

Kabazz SENT: Total insanity

Ken Hunt SENT: the tuesday that is not I
Ken Hunt SENT: weather nouveau

Kerry Norman SENT: Prototype

Kevyn Dymond & Mark Shafer SENT: play something else

Kia Portafekas SENT: Kitai

Kinsey kidded SENT: Kinsey kidded
Kinsey kidded SENT: Odessa

Kunst=Kapital SENT: Greater than one

kwashiorkor SENT: a measure of time
kwashiorkor SENT: reliving the past
kwashiorkor SENT: tree/saw
kwashiorkor SENT: we are numberless

Lawrence Salvatore SENT: I love you (say it with bricks)

Le Mot and Kino SENT: Keizai AATO

LeeKisling SENT: Shredding and so forth

Len Wiles SENT: Bovril by electricution

Leroy Airmaster SENT: Leroy Airmaster and friends

Lester Palocsay SENT: iceberg dead ahead

LG Mair, Jr. SENT: symphony #2

Linda Smith SENT: love songs for laughs

Linny Simkin SENT: Angel of mercy

Malok SENT: LL estimate
Malok and Jake Berry SENT: Malberries

Marienne Kreitlow SENT: Coming to you live
Marienne Kreitlow SENT: Heartroom

Marion Roehl SENT: Nickelodeon theater music

Mark Hastings SENT: No Ing
Mark Hastings SENT: Just another fertility cult

Mellow dog and Little Gilbert SENT: 100% American

memorial garage SENT: memorial garage

Metke SENT: Squirm Rhymes w/Germ

Michael Horwood SENT: motility

Michael Northam SENT: a tuesday in february

Michele Greci SENT: the greci guitar

Mike Shannon SENT: Busking for Obelisks
Mike Shannon SENT: Into a deeper unknown

Mike Vargas SENT: Gray
Mike Vargas SENT: Blind Movies
Mike Vargas SENT: Saccharin quilt

modern man SENT: liaison

Monty the Moron SENT: acorn beer and chestnut wine

Mudslide SENT: Apollo

Murphy’s planet SENT: the dark side of Murphy’s planet

music by design SENT: bringing the system on line

Muudo SENT: 57 Z

my big mouth SENT: my big mouth

My eye SENT: generic psychosis

Nasti Habitz SENT: crank it up

Neuroshima SENT: Neuroshima demo

New Art Orchestra SENT: melodies

new left SENT: or what

Nick Silling SENT: untitled

nikki SENT: untitled

no problem SENT: hey is that my lighter?

noise game SENT: noise game

nomad SENT: culture shock

Norman Durkee SENT: Tango Diablo

Orville Johnson SENT: the world according to Orville

Otherskies SENT: Vistas

Packing Death SENT: Spanner of Lerv

Paragon SENT: Paragon

Pat ‘n Mike & James SENT: Suzy sparkles

Patienceworth SENT: the lure of pain

Patrick Brennan/Terry Mohre SENT: double arc

Patty SENT: All Night diner

Paul H. Hanson SENT: American asylum

Paul Hoskin SENT: P
Paul Hoskin Trio SENT: PHT studio + live

PBK SENT: asesino!
PBK SENT: die brucke

Pendragon SENT: Pendragon

Pennie Stasik SENT: Lesotho

Pete Govert SENT: Nairobi

pma SENT: pma

Poetry Devils SENT: Poetry Devils

Pontius Co-Pilate SENT: masters of the pan flute

potatoes SENT: potatoes

primitive blocking SENT: primitive blocking

Pure joy SENT: Pure joy

pygmie riot SENT: pygmie riot

R. Sysinger SENT: 2 minutes to kill

Randy Leago SENT: reckless life at home

Ray Pearson and the insiders SENT: inside and out

Reber Clark SENT: Knights in iron oxide

Red rooster SENT: blues from the red rooster lounge

Regicide Bureau SENT: Thrust 888

resistance SENT: resistance

Reynold SENT: Reynold

Rick Sanford SENT: Frank discussions with a liar
Rick Sanford SENT: untitled

Rob Angus SENT: ethnoloopography

Robert Lind SENT: unrealized intentions

Ron Slabe SENT: Zagadka
Ron Slabe/Trivision SENT: Better Music through electronics

s.swagetal SENT: s.swag
s.swagetal SENT: the garbagy terrain!

Satanburger SENT: Satanburger

Secret war SENT: ..sssshhhh..

severed head in a bag SENT: severed head in a bag 1984

Smiling misty SENT: why dont you like me

sofia’sfactory SENT: sofia’s factory

Solomonoff & Von Hoffmanstahl SENT: God is love

Sound Color SENT: Sound color

soundslab 89 SENT: soundslab 89

space monkey SENT: space monkey

spongehead experience SENT: sop ‘n’ wet

Stefan Tischler SENT: In Florette’s room
Stefan Tischler SENT: Invisible cities
Stefan Tischler and Blair Petrie SENT: gorgons & gargoyles

Steve Dankner SENT: Suite for Kurzweil 250 synthesizer

Steve Layton SENT: Big wide world

Steve Rice Trio SENT: Steve Rice Trio

Steve Zano SENT: first draft

Suckdog SENT: I like bulls I AM a bull
Suckdog SENT: pears and plums

surf trio SENT: Safari in a living graveyard

suspicions SENT: attractive nuisance

Sweaty nipples SENT: lets get sweaty

tba SENT: Terror

Terry Lee Hale SENT: fools like me

the 3rd act SENT: Rocket compilation

the accused SENT: temporary demo

The amazing broadcasters SENT: The amazing broadcasters

the beef people SENT: demo

the borman six SENT: built to rage

the Dan Schaaf Ensemble SENT: subterranean homesick beanbags

the difference SENT: making

the dream tape SENT: music beyond culture

the entropics SENT: the entropics live 85

the hanks SENT: the hanks

the modum quartet SENT: the mechanics of sympathetic resonance

the psychic workshop SENT: transmissions of decadence

the units SENT: Strategy: electradynasoarfusion

the Wardells SENT: Debut lp
the Wardells SENT: now

the white sisters SENT: the white sisters

Thomas E. Janzen SENT: The Nearly complete works: Volume 1
Thomas E. Janzen SENT: The Nearly complete works: Volume 2
Thomas E. Janzen SENT: The Nearly complete works: Volume 3
Thomas E. Janzen SENT: The Nearly complete works: Volume 4
Thomas E. Janzen SENT: The Nearly complete works: Volume 5
Thomas E. Janzen SENT: The Nearly complete works: Volume 6

thorungla SENT: lubomir shepherd wachtl

Tirez Tirez SENT: Social responsibility

Tom Butterworth SENT: Lesson 22

Tom Skelly SENT: the mix parade

tone poets SENT: treble

trash compactors SENT: this is no joke

Troy Kimber SENT: the horror
Troy Kimber SENT: Troy Kimber Experience
Troy Kimber and Tony Garan SENT: Musical selections

unendorsable substitute SENT: Dahean death

universal liberation orchestra SENT: Communion

Ut gret SENT: I think…

vcn SENT: influenza

vhfII SENT: vhf II

walk don’t walk SENT: everywhere

Wally Shoup, Douglas Haire SENT: Upright

warm gun SENT: cracking on the surface

we the living SENT: rennaisance man

we three SENT: whatsa capella

World wide random manifestation unit SENT: audio document of 19 sound experiment

Wrick Wolff SENT: Naive American
xylovox SENT: xylo vox

Your Host Bobby SENT: untitled radio show
Your Host Bobby SENT: untitled radio show

Your Mom Too SENT: your mom too

Yvonne Ruege/Dick Fall SENT: untitled

Zamo SENT: festering plavius
Zamo SENT: Jamming with Spock

Loose Compilations
Christmas ’84

demented dinner music


made in poland

Northwest hardcore

perpendicular types of motion

Unsound vol. 3 number 2